Contract service

Contract service
Heterologous expression
In vitro electrophysiology

  • We let you increase your throughput and expand your capacities by professional contract service research.
  • We offer sophisticated hightech electrophysiological methods for different in vitro preparations from rats, mice, guinea pigs, etc..
  • Electrophysiological studies are designed for high throughput devices (e.g. Roboocyte automated TEVC system for Xenopus oocytes; Synchroslice multiple slice evaluation system for acute brain and heart slices) as well as for standard experimental techniques (extracellular, intracellular, patch clamp recordings) when more detailed information is required.
  • Drug effects are investigated with respect to their convulsive activity, channel specificity, interaction with learning and memory mechanisms (LTP/LTD) or concerning to their effects on heart activity (QT prolongation, heart rhythms, intracardial propagation, etc.).
  • Studies are designed in close correspondence to the customer requirements. LNC conceives also new applications and expert solutions. 
  • Short reaction times, a high rate of cooperativeness and a reasonable price makes LNC to a competent partner for your electrophysiological investigations.

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